A Real Sea Change
The View Of Water Calls To Us

​Most of us would love to retire with a beautiful ocean view. The calmness, savagery and raw beauty of water, inspires us and relaxes us

Imagine then if you can have a constantly changing selection of the most stunning ocean view from your own home

Icebergs in the Arctic
Whales and Dolphins at play
Tropical paradise in the Caribbean
Lost cities and hidden treasure coves
Both the fury and tranquility of the ocean from your calm sure home​

Can you imagine what you will discover?

Million Dollar City Views The Envy Of The Worlds Richest
Your floating lifestyle city docks in the middle of the most beautiful cities in the world. You will have views to die for
The Romance of Venice - The Majesty of Edinburgh - The Jewel of Sydney Harbour
The Bright Lights of Hong Kong - The Glamour of Dubai - The Energy of Barcelona
The Spark of New York - The Far Away Wonder of Auckland - The Sizzle of Rio De Janerio

Can you feel a lifetime of excitement & wonder?
Cruise through life in luxury
The world awaits
Upgrade your life expectations, get on board one of our dram lifestyle floating cities with Cruising Age and discover yourself and the world. Your life will never be the same once you purchase your place on one of our luxury cruise ships & sail the world endlessly from the comfort of your new home
A real sea-change
Fresh sea air greets you with literally the most beautiful views in the world guaranteed! Exotic destinations become your afternoon strolls. The most famous places in the world become your playground, while you experience the very best the world has to offer
Cruising Age - uniquely providing the ultimate luxury lifestyle of decadent travel, constant activities, friendship and social engagement all at a cost of a decent retirement village or living comfortably at home!
Whats your outlook on retirement?
An active life throughout
Let us show you comfort
See the world from the comfort of your own home
At A Similar Price!
That's the magical part.  Rooms on a 5, 10 or 20 year ticket cost per year about the same as modern retirment villages or the same as a couple in a nice house spends per year living and vacationing. And its all inclusive, you can have anything you like. 

How? Whats the Catch?
There is none. Thats why this is so revolutionary! Cruising Age are working with the cruise industry to repurpose ships allowing for new ship development and saving industry big money while creating a rock star luxury lifestyle for retirees. WOW!!
Choose your adventures

As a resident with Cruising Age on a luxury floating lifestyle city the world is your playground. Literally! Enjoying fine wines, award winning chef prepared cuisine, countless sports and recreational activities, cabaret and live performances nightly. Or today just read a book by the pool while gazing at the sun-drenched clouds lazily overhead, before indulging in an afternoon nap then dinner served in your room. Explore the entire world or relax in style. It all sounds so perfect, and these are just some of the things living in our floating lifestyle city has to offer.

Oh and you can use the 'Rich Toys' like cars, jetskis, boats, even our helicopter. Again WOW!!